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Agile Thinking Workshop Professional Development

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Agile Thinking for Managers

Half-day and full-day Agile Thinking Workshops engage managers and senior leaders in an exploration of how their thinking models constrain creativity. Attendees apply scenario-based futures to real work so they can see in a very visceral way why what they think is certain erupts into volatility under different social, economic, political, and technological circumstances.

All Agile Thinking workshops require pre-event interviews and targeted projects that can be used as meaningful examples to attendees during the workshop.

Agile Thinking Workshop Outcomes

What to Expect During the Workshop

Challenge Assumptions

Put a Name on Uncertainty

Directly apply scenario-based futures to one or more challenges currently being faced by the organization. Come away with dozens of new ideas that will transform products and process driven by new perspectives on markets and customers.Explore the social, economic, political and technological uncertainties that your organization, your industry and you face. Put a name on the uncertainties so you can better understand how to monitor them, discover the extreme and ways the uncertainties may play out, plus learn to look for additional uncertainties on your own.

Explore the Future

Hack Your Mind

Scenario planning is the premier tool for agile thinkers. Creativity isn’t enough. It is important to build or adopt multiple plausible futures that can be used to challenge assumptions and encourage new opportunities to emerge.

Most of us don’t keep multiple plausible futures in our minds. We speculate. We read fiction about the future. We may watch science fiction movies and television, but we rarely own those futures. We experience them for a moment and then move back to the comfort and control of the familiar. We return to what we know, we see all things through perspectives that feel familiar, we limit our variety to things we have already mastered. We retreat to our competencies rather than challenge ourselves to learn new things. In this workshop, we ask attendees to join a journey that will reshape how they plan and navigate the future, which will also change how they see and experience the present.

Balance: Planning and Navigation

Embrace Uncertainty

Perhaps the biggest myth in business isn’t that you can plan for the future, but that plan details remain static in the face of change. This workshop teaches attendees to find balance between planning and navigating. Ultimately, people learn how to plan at the pace of change.Once you understand the uncertainties facing your job, your company and your industry, you can then monitor how they unfold overtime in a systematic and purposeful way.

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Your Personal Plan for Agile Thinking

Every attendee leaves the workshop with his or her own personal plan for agile thinking, along with a set of scenarios they can use to continue to challenge their assumptions every day.

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