Anybody Who Doubts the Need for Scenario Planning needs to Read Michael Shermer

Anybody Who Doubts the Need for Scenario Planning needs to Read Michael Shermer

At the heart of scenario planning is the belief that we all fall pray to our biases, and that only techniques like scenario planning can help us expand our intellectual horizons in order to see things we might ignore, hear things we might tune out, and incorporate knowledge we might otherwise find blasphemy or hypocrisy.  Michael Shermer’s new book, The Believing Brain, makes this point that scenario planners know all too well. That knowing something all too well is a dangerous way to live.

Listen to the Seattle-based KUOW NPR affiliate interview from June 2, 2011 to get a taste for Shermer’s insights.

Cover of Michael Shermer's book, 'The Believing Brain.'

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Michael Shermer’s Believing Brain

Ross Reynolds
06/02/2011 at 12:20 p.m.

Which comes first: belief or the reasons why we believe? According to Michael Shermer the question is much easier to answer than the chicken or the egg question. Founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine and author of "The Believing Brain" is here to discuss how we decide what we believe.


Michael Shermer is the founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine and the author of "The Believing Brain."

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