Become a Serious Insights Member Client

Serious Insights offers a number of affordable plans that allow vendors and end-users to gain access to our expertise on collaboration and knowledge management, work experience design, strategy development, and workshops.

Every client receives the following basic services with membership:

Serious Insights Members receive…

  • 2 hours of monthly remote consultation.
  • 1 product briefing/demo a month with feedback (convertible to an extra hour of consulting by request).
  • Publishing of a product brief and the maintenance of that brief over new releases.
  • Discounts on white papers, webinars, and presentations.
  • Input to our research agenda.

Members can apply their monthly consulting hours to any of the services offered by Serious Insights, from custom research to executive coaching.


  • $1,200 paid monthly
  • $3,500 paid quarterly
  • $14,000 paid annually
  • Start-ups: call for special offers

Service Discounts

Our custom work falls into several categories. Clients receive signifiant discounts. If you don’t see the service you are looking for, please fill out the contact form. We are happy to discuss your requirements and help find a solution that works for you.

  • White paper: $900 a page ($1,200 a page for non-clients)
  • Webinar: $2,200 ($3,000 for non-clients)
  • Custom conference keynote: $4,000 + expenses when in-person ($5,000+ for non-clients)
  • Additional advisory consulting hours: $750 day/$375 half-day ($1,000/$500 for non-clients)

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