Daniel W. Rasmus to Participate in Gigaom Webinar: Making Sense Out of Chaos, While Avoiding Vendor Lock-In – December 17, 2014

Daniel W. Rasmus to Participate in Gigaom Webinar: Making Sense Out of Chaos, While Avoiding Vendor Lock-In – December 17, 2014

Making Sense Out of Chaos, While Avoiding Vendor Lock-In





December 17, 2014

10:00am — 11:00am PST


Daniel W. Rasmus
Industry Analyst, HiveMind Network

Philip Sheldrake
Managing Partner, Euler Partners

David Lavenda
Vice President of Product Strategy, harmon.ie

Larry Hawes

The promise of the cloud has taken root in today’s business mindset, but competition is re-creating old problems. Many companies are reliving the ERP nightmares of the past as they try to integrate modern tools with core legacy systems, because cloud services each have a different language and don’t speak to each other. We are hurtling towards the next enterprise crisis – information overload, where end users will find it next to impossible to make sense of the data being pushed to them from disparate CRM, ERP, HCM, help desk and PLM systems.

How will end users efficiently manage their workday when they are working with an increasing array of disparate cloud services and getting a constant stream of notifications from each? Toggling between apps and trying to integrate the information in each can’t be viable or productive. Businesses need to help workers make “sense out of chaos” by surfacing and joining information coming from disparate sources.

Right now, it seems like there’s a gravitational pull between IT and the proprietary one-stop-shop cloud from Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, SAP, et al. Yet BYOA is inevitable and, from a user adoption perspective, desirable. It’s the brave CIO/CTO who tries to stitch together a patchwork of best of breed today.

In this Gigaom Research Webinar, we will examine how companies can successfully translate and present the most relevant updates from disjointed cloud sources for their users. We will discuss real-world examples and draw lessons that businesses of all sizes can use. Join Gigaom Research and harmon.ie for “Making Sense Out of Chaos, While Avoiding Vendor Lock-In,” a free analyst webinar on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 at 10 a.m. PT.

What Will Be Discussed

What kind of new data – and new data sources – are catching on?
Where is the highest risk of data overload or conflicting signals?
How can companies tap into the value of cloud services and avoid vendor lock-in?
What are the best practices in getting functional and line-of-business management aligned with IT in implementing these new analysis tools and processes?
How can managers ensure user adoption and minimize training?
Who Should Attend

Line-of-business executives
CIOs and CTOs
Senior IT management
Senior functional management

Daniel W. Rasmus

Daniel W. Rasmus, Founder and Principal Analyst of Serious Insights, is an internationally recognized speaker on the future of work and education. He is the author of several books, including Listening to the Future and Management by Design.

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