Future of Retail–Sites and Technologies That Are Changing Expectations

Future of Retail–Sites and Technologies That Are Changing Expectations

I facilitated a future of retail workshop recently and flew through several emergent, and potential game changing retail sites and technologies.  Here is the blog I promised as a pointer to all of these sites and technologies.:

Retail Websites and Services to Watch

Mulu – personal recommendation site. Drives purchases through peer recommendations.

imageStipple (still active but being updated) – puts retail data behind images of items people post so they can explore options and desires.


Buyosphere – private beta. Recommendations made through asking communities about what to buy.

Stylmee – 3-D boutique experiences curated by individuals and brands. Official description: Stylmee is “shop-ertainment”! The fun way to shop the world’s leading fashion designer brands while challenging & rewarding it’s members for their fashion-ability! Stylmee is a fashion & design community that is part e-commerce, social game and a discovery & curation platform for those who want to challenge their sense of style, fashion know-how and ability!

Svpply –a curated collection of products and stores.

Lyst – a site where recommendations are made to users based on what people they follow are buying.

Nuji – follow designers, follow people you think are cool, shop and save on the things you want. A social wish list.Follow people

olioboard – field test your designer ideas and find new stuff to include in your design.

GetVega – (beta) Create a list, compare prices for items on the list and then talk to your community about what you should buy, and why.

imageStyloko – Track your favorite fashions and receive sales alerts. See what famous people are wearing find out where you can get those fashions.

Pinterest – Share everything, including pictures of what you buy and what you want to buy.

Other Retail Technology to Watch

Square – Turn mobile devices into credit card readers and cash registers. Collect money anywhere.

StyleMe fashion mirror from Cisco. Read about it on their blog: http://blogs.cisco.com/tag/styleme/

Stripe – A new payment stack that creates more integration on e-commerce sites (see Stripe Aims to Reinvent E-Payments at Business Week)

Me-ability from Unique Ltd.– scans your body to figure out the perfect fit. image

Disney Store: Retail designed for guests at the level of the guests.  See a video here:

Disney Store Redesign Tour

Intel — Digital Signage Augmented reality and other technologies to enhance the retail experience.

Toshiba—object recognition scanner.

Toshiba Object Recognition Scanner

Red Tomato – Fridge Magnet – (only available in the United Arab Emirates) – push a button, order a pizza.

More on their website (currently Out of Stock!)  http://redtomato.biz/magnet/



Pepsi – social vending machine. Send beverage gifts with personalize messages.

e la Carte – tablets that let people order and pay from their tables.

Chip Cards – Vapiano – British restaurant that uses specialized cards for ordering and check-out.

 Image from Yelp.com

A restaurant in China’s eastern Shandong province is employing a fleet of robot waiters – from The Telegraph. See the story and video here.

EMN8 — kiosks for ordering food.


Bloomingdales – Fitting rooms that drop into the retail space, right to where the customer is located.  See them, and other retails spaces remade with fabric in this article at specialty fabrics review. http://specialtyfabricsreview.com/articles/1010_f1_interior_fabric.html

Kraft – Smart kiosk from Kraft and Intel. See video here.

The Melt – order online and place your order via QR code when you arrive. Saves time, shortens lines.image

JC Penney

J.C. Penney hopes to get rid of cashiers and cash registers by 2014, and instead have salespeople use iPod Touch devices to check out customers, or self-checkout lanes.

Starting this weekend, salespeople in Penney’s new Levi’s shops will use only iPads to check out customers. All of Penney’s 1,100 stores will offer mobile checkout by the end of the year, spokeswoman Kate Coultas says.

Read the entire story at USA Today: Line cutting: Mobile checkout headed to a store near you

Krispy Kreme Mobile App – find where the light is on.





Daniel W. Rasmus

Daniel W. Rasmus, Founder and Principal Analyst of Serious Insights, is an internationally recognized speaker on the future of work and education. He is the author of several books, including Listening to the Future and Management by Design.

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    Very hot post. The technology will win everywhere: money will become a virtual exchange, the robots will take the hard work away. We hope all is good and all these changes make our lifes better.

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