Pirates Pine for Alternative Internet

Pirates Pine for Alternative Internet

Here’s are a couple of paragraphs that didn’t make it into the final cut on Internet Evolution. You’ll get the gist …read the entire post here:

Pirates Pine for Alternative Internet


Rather than capture legitimate information from the Internet and employ it directly for nefarious gain, information pirates propose their version of Sherwood Forrest, complete with alternative delivery routes that use the electronic versions of hidden trails and backdoors, rather than state-owned highways and front doors. And like Robin and his Merry Men, these modern day redistributors of intellectual property wealth will traffic goods (read information) that they believe would already be available to the masses, if not for the Kings of Commerce and their Sherriff of NottingICANN. Music, movies, leaked cables, video games and shadowy missives would float through the Alternative Net while more “legitimate” business continues on the primary Net without interruption…

…Stewart Brand’s anthropomorphism that “information wants to be free” still olds. Wikileaks didn’t reveal any grand conspiracies because grand conspiracies don’t exist. What Wikileaks did do is offer the numbing details of the real world to the citizens who fund the politicians and bureaucrats who represent them. In the non-democratic world, these recent posts reinforced the hypocrisy of technocrats and dictators. One reason conspiracies don’t exist is because they require the impossible ask that all involved tightly control their information in this real-time information world.

Daniel W. Rasmus

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