Product Update: Bitrix24 Spring Update

Product Update: Bitrix24 Spring Update



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Bitrix24 Spring Update

Overview – What’s New

Russian Federation software developer, Bitrix, has updated their 3-year old product, Bitrix24, for Spring 2015. The company has added the following features to the platform:

  • SIP phone support
  • OneDrive, GoogleDrive & Dropbox integration
  • Screen sharing and HD video conferencing
  • An updated mobile app
  • Task templates with subtasks
Available in May:
  • Workflow automation
  • CRM Dashboards
  • Private marketplace apps

Overall, this release demonstrates a continued investment in the Bitrix24 platform from a team that is very aware of the needs of their customers, and who has a vision of collaboration that is much broader and more inclusive than many of the other young companies that continue to invest almost exclusively in either social networking or task management. The inclusion of structured work elements, and the integration of improved chat, voice and video does more than just offer features; it offers its users a more seamless work experience than environments with cobbled together tools which are often unaware of each other, perhaps even duplicating chat or messaging features.

Workflow automation

Bitrix24 workflow automation doesn’t over reach. This is not Business Process Management software, but rather basic structured work, like leave requests or expense approvals. And because workflow is integrated, tasks and status flow directly into the activity stream. Designating an assignment of responsibility pushes the task into that person’s activity stream. Workflows can be created a modified, and they will be available shared or sold through the new marketplace.

SIP phone support

Bitrix is going after the likes of MightyCall and Microsoft Lync with their own virtual PBX that not only offers SIP connections from the technology standpoint, but integrates with their included CRM features. The introduction of SIP allows Bitrix customers to leverage existing investments in SIP hardware. They offer local phone number “rentals” in 43 countries with prices running between $6-11 a month.

CRM Dashboards

That Bitrix recognizes CRM as a collaborative business function is refreshing. That they also recognize CRM as a business critical data function is doubly refreshing. Their new release includes CRM dashboards with basic analytics like deals and lead status. They also include other analysis and reports, such as phone call reports, sales agent rating and a set of report templates.

Cloud storage integration

Bitrix now supports OneDrive, GoogleDrive & Dropbox, but what is critical here is the unique integration of these products, so that they work through Bitrix24 rather than around it. Imported Cloud files retain their state information. If something changes in the original, the end user will know, and can retrieve, the latest versions of the synchronized file.

Screen sharing and HD video conferencing

Screen sharing is now available for desktop apps, as is support for HD video. This makes the Bitrix realtime features more complete and more competitive.

Updated mobile apps

The mobile apps now include social media authorization, 16:9 HD video, an improved messaging interface and support for Spanish.

Task templates with subtasks

New task templates support checklist and subtasks, offering more natural alignment with the way people actually work, especially when planning meetings and tracking their results.

Private marketplace apps

Bitrix now supports private marketplaces for apps to be distributed within enterprises, and for these, they lift the restrictions around publication (no need for approval of private apps by Bitrix, or the need to be a partner).

Daniel W. Rasmus

Daniel W. Rasmus, Founder and Principal Analyst of Serious Insights, is an internationally recognized speaker on the future of work and education. He is the author of several books, including Listening to the Future and Management by Design.

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