Retro Thinking During A Difficult Kodak Moment

Retro Thinking During A Difficult Kodak Moment

Way back in 2005, Bloomberg Businessweek ran a piece called “A Tense Kodak Moment.” “Low-margin digital sales aren’t picking up the slack of disappearing film profits, and debt is coming due,” the piece proclaimed. This provided some prescient perspective for Eastman Kodak’s (NYSE: EK) current struggles, which it now appears to be betting on printing and legal wrangling rather than film….

I remember fondly walking around Disneyland as a kid and migrating toward the Kodak Photo Spots that dotted the precious maps of the Magic Kingdom. These were great places to take iconic pictures of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle or the Matterhorn. Disney, always the entrepreneur, partnered with uncontested consumer photography leader Kodak to not only print these locations on maps, but to put Kodak branded signs in the park so Disney guests wouldn’t have to wonder where to stand. I’m sure I’m not the only one with warm memories of Disneyland captured by a Kodak Brownie–a camera that dangled heavily from my neck. It was already a twenty-year relic at the time, inherited from my father’s camera collection. But I loved that camera and the black-and-white pictures that captured my memories of Disneyland—my memories, not someone else’s. And all of those memories said Kodak….

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