Serious Insights Virtual Reality Digest. September 13, 2016

Serious Insights Virtual Reality Digest. September 13, 2016

VR Tech of the week

This exoskeleton glove could let you feel the ‘shape’ of virtual reality, ExtremeTech

Serious Insights Commentary: Although HTC and Oculus both offer controllers (Oculus later in 2016), neither works the way the hand works. Controllers will work well for gaming, but there is plenty of room for innovation in general purpose and specialized controllers.

Video of the Week

Watch a Real Robotic Arm Controlled with Virtual Reality, Motherboard

Serious Insights Commentary: This is an interesting video that demonstrates the value of VR to drive remote control applications. VR can provide a much better sense of physical space, clearances and obstacles than single views through a flat surface.

Rumor of the Week

Is Snapchat Developing its Own Augmented Reality (AR) Device?, Newseveryday

Serious Insights Commentary: Snapchat owns personal face AR as it tweaks everything from eyes and mouths to mustaches and hairlines. AR is there future.

Back to School


Serious Insights Commentary: As school begins again, these posts look at how augmented reality it offering up new ways for students to discover each other in public places. And as students adopt augmented reality it will increase pressure to leverage the technology for pedagogy. And that will drive infrastructure.

Social Media App Uses Augmented Reality to Connect College Students, Campus Technology

Higher Ed’s Augmented-Reality Ambitions Highlight Infrastructure Requirements, Edtech Magazine

Tip of the Week

The 10 Best Travel Experiences Right Now Using Virtual Reality, Skift

Serious Insights Commentary: Skift offers up their choice for currently available immersive travel video. I’ve tried most of these, and while they do give you some sense of place, they leave much to be desired in terms of interactivity, narrative and completeness. We will know real VR travel has arrived when you need to plan your trip into VR and when you come back, you actually have a sense of having visited the place. It will happen, but it hasn’t yet.

PAX panelists: It won’t be long before people have virtual reality in their homes, GeekWire

Serious Insights Commentary: Any community of developers in an emergent area will forecast that their technology will become widespread and commonplace. VR may one day find a way into every home, but it won’t be 2017. VR capable  will not translate into VR adoption.

The Future of Retail 

Consumers shopping for clothes

Serious Insights Commentary: Retail will not survive the onslaught of VR and AR without significant changes in how we shop online and in the real world. AR may reinvigorate real-world shopping by tying online data passively into the real-word experience. Sensors, AI and data about everything, from clothes to us, will reinvent how we shop.

Fashion Revolution In The Digital Era, WT Vox

Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Reshape Retail, Harvard Business Review

Towards the workplace of the future — with virtual reality, Eureka Alert

Serious Insights Commentary: Training, remote control and first hand, contextual connections to global operations will all be possible in tomorrow’s workplace. Like retail, how people work will be radically changed as the relationship between people and information becomes ever more intimate.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review: Augmented Reality, Tweaktown

Serious Insights Commentary: Games offer empathy. Games also offer glimpses into one perspective on how society will view augmented people, and what it will be like to be an augmented person. A game for anyone interested in exploring their future choices about how far technology will penetrate their life and body.

Insta360 Nano Review: Is This iPhone Accessory the GoPro of Virtual Reality, Paste Magazine

Serious Insights Commentary: 360 cameras are coming, and they will be everywhere, including on clearance tables at T.J. Maxx within the next couple of years. This camera is particularly interesting because it turns the iPhone into VR accessory.

Technology play new role in creating virtual reality for real estate investors at Cityscape Global, Zawya

Serious Insights Commentary: We have speculated about the role of VR in real estate, and this article looks at plans for VR in one of Dubai’s latest high rises.

How to Tap Augmented Reality Apps LIke Pokémon Go for Meetings and Events, Successful Meetings

Serious Insights Commentary: Making vendors happy at conferences often proves a challenge as traffic migrate toward food, rest in the room, or social time at a bar. But put AR into the mix and some gamification and attendees may find renewed interest in visiting the vendor venues. The big question is if they will be more interested in what’s for sale or what they are chasing.

DHL Expands Augmented Reality Pilot Programs,

Serious Insights Commentary: Logistics offers a great testing ground for commercial uses of AR because so many existing systems exist for lessons learned, and as backups (if AR glasses don’t read a barcode, a barcode reader will still be nearby during pilot programs). DHL has tested their “vision picking” over the last couple of years and will roll out an expansion of the program this year.

Visit Orlando claims app first – artificial intelligence and augmented reality in one, Tnooz

Serious Insights Commentary: For those seeking technological convergence, IBM’s Watson meets AR in Orlando. Watson recommends and the app, with camera enables, helps visitors figure out what’s nearby. A good test city with its wide array of attractions that often make for difficult choices for first time visitors.

The Rise of Virtual Reality and What It Means for B2B Marketers, Act-on

Serious Insights Commentary: So much is being made of VR in the home and among gamers, that the B2B market is getting short shrift. Components are a big deal, and getting the right components are important—there is also a need for marketing material visualization (what will my swag look like) and collaboration enhanced by VR. Unfortunately, this post is more about marketing agencies building consumer VR experiences. Still a good read, but the B2B market remains underserved even in articles that claim to focus on it.

MYOB uses virtual reality to welcome recruits, AFR

Serious Insights Commentary: Serious Insights wrote about this in Chief Learning Officer magazine and here is a live example. MYOB engages and acclimates employees through VR. Great use case.

VR for Collaboration

Japan’s shipbuilders look to virtual reality for efficiency, Asia Nikkei

Serious Insights Commentary: It’s expensive to not make a ship correctly. VR and AR help people learn how to deliver quality. Also a good example of associations driving pre-competitive industry practices that can be shared to the benefit of members.

Microsoft HoloLens and Augmented Reality Could Break Construction’s Low-Tech Barriers, For Construction Pros

Serious Insights Commentary: Many speculate about the extent to which jobs will be replaced by technology. Walmart recently announced the demise of many back office jobs. This post offers a take on the collaborative aspects of using technology to enhance, not to replace people.

Wayfair Launches Virtual Reality App to Customize Outdoor Spaces with Furnishings and Décor, Yahoo Finance

Serious Insights Commentary: Furnishings make all the sense in the world as a perfect place to bring VR into the home. Models already exist for homes and furnishing, mobile cameras can act as scanners to distances and capture textures. Wayfair’s  investment in in-house development will give them insights not available to those who choose outsourcing over development.

Honeybot would teach kids using “3D augmented reality, Newatlas

Serious Insights Commentary: An early example of what next generation AR and AI will be able to accomplish. This is a pretty limited capability toy, but it hints at what’s possible. I’m sure there will be some frustration among those children who draw a starfish that Honeybot fails to recognize. The red head the with temper might well put a dent in the robot, despite the very laconic video that introduces the robot. Warning: there is a pitch for funding at the end of the video. Coverage by Serious Insights does not constitute an endorsement of the product or the company.

It’s the Law

Virtual reality robots could someday teleport juries to gruesome crime scenes to investigate murders, Daily Mail

law Virtual Reality Digest

Serious Insights Commentary: This is the most pleasant of applications but it demonstrates the power of what I call enhanced documentation, VR representations, be they model or scans or captures, that add significantly more information that what can be gleaned by photos because they include a sense of space and context that photos or film cannot deliver.

Virtual and augmented reality: time to update the legal handbook, IT Portal

Serious Insights Commentary: As we digitize the world, all of the data collected and used needs to fit into legal frameworks, and some of those frameworks will likely need some adjustment just as most do when confronted with technical innovation. The article offers solid insight on where to start the dialog, and the proceedings.

Cybersecurity: Augmented Reality, National Law Review

Serious Insights Commentary: Most people have no idea the legal risks involved in taking pictures of people and things. in television shows logos, t-shirts even paintings find themselves blurred to avoid copyright infringement and other more esoteric legal issues. The issues that will be raised by AR will likely prove daunting and this article provides some great, eye opening perspectives and analysis.

#CXOTALK Reinventing the legal industry with AI, machine learning, and augmented reality, ZDNET

Serious Insights Commentary: Lawyers are always fast to point out the risks associated with new technology, and cautious to take the risks themselves, despite promises of lower costs or higher quality operations. This video examines a Morgan Lewis, a forward-looking law firm looking to AR and VR as possible tools for the firm.

Daniel W. Rasmus

Daniel W. Rasmus, Founder and Principal Analyst of Serious Insights, is an internationally recognized speaker on the future of work and education. He is the author of several books, including Listening to the Future and Management by Design.

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