Twitter, Egypt and Strategy

Twitter, Egypt and Strategy

Some people have an issue figuring out Twitter’s strategy. Perhaps today’s events in Egypt have helped them define that strategy: Our goal is to instantly connect people everywhere to what is most meaningful to them.

In the context of this week’s events, this "goal" makes a lot of sense. If gives Twitter a meaningful purpose (at the same level as Google’s mission to organize the world’s information). It is perhaps because twitter is so non-commercial that it is so effective at meeting this goal—not everything needs to be "monetized" to hold value.

Read more on the twitter blog: The Tweets Must Flow

(as a side note, the statement The Tweets Must Flow, rings of Frank Herbert’s Dune Saga which repeatedly states that: the spice must flow. Although many wonder about Twitter’s purpose and are skeptical of its often frivolous, self-serving, indulgent content, the role of twitter as a democratizing voice is a much more worthy one than the perpetuation of an economy based on a cinnamon-reeking, addictive, psychoactive and quantum-interactive substance. I am much happier on a planet where freedom, respect and dialog continue to shape our future, so let the tweets flow)

Samples of the twitter discussion on Egypt from the Twitterverse:


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