Year: 2014

17 Uncertainties that will Define (or Redefine) Your 2014 Forecast Released

IMMEDIATE RELEASE   1/21/2014   17 Uncertainties that will Define (or Redefine) Your 2014   January 21, 2014 Sammamish, Washington, Daniel W. Rasmus, the author of ‘Listening to the Future’ and ‘Management by Design’ has released his list of the 2014 global uncertainties that will force businesses and governments to remain nimble and agile as.

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17 Uncertainties that will Define (or Redefine) Your 2014

Download the entire paper here. 1. Workforce Dynamics Key Dynamic: Will the workforce effectively integrate, or will generational issues result in bifurcation? What skill gaps and needs for knowledge will emerge as each generation seeks to define its future? 2. Globalization Key Dynamic: Will the global economy march to ever more ubiquity, or will it.

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CES 2014: Implications for Apple

Read here or download the PDF. The major CES trends should not be lost on its arguably biggest no show.  Even if not immediately, several technologies showcased at CES will eventually force Apple to create more powerful devices with more memory, perhaps abandon long-rumored entries into new markets and decide on the role it wants.

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Seven Things All Marketers Should Learn from Michael Bay’s CES Teleprompter Miscue

If you missed the story, and few in the tech industry did, Michael Bay experienced a technology and preparation glitch at Samsung’s CES 4K curved television announcement. It needn’t have gone the way it did. Here are seven simple rules that can help marketers avoid live celebrity spokesperson meltdowns. Those celebrity spokespeople would do well.

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Mind Map Market Update

Market Overview With the rise of mobile devices, the number of mind mapping tools has risen in recent years, yet only a few in the growing mind map market should be considered enterprise-ready.  Mind mapping tools have evolved from simple drawing tools into complex environments that include collaborative authoring, project management, quantitative model building, dashboards, and.

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Apple’s SnappyCam Acquisition and Industry Camera Strategy

Toward the end of the year, burst mode camera app developer SnappyLabs disappeared from Apple’s App Store, along with its app, SnappyCam, only to reappear on the pages and posts of industry merger and acquisition analysts. SnappyCam one-upped Apple’s iOS 7/iPhone 5s burst mode image capture with 20 photos per second to Apple’s 10. The.

Read more DelBene Needs to Embrace Transparency, Collaboration and Customers

There are several things former Microsoft Office President Kurt DelBene will need to learn quickly in his new role as Developer-in-Chief of the struggling website in order to be successful. Here are three critical areas he will have to master. Customer-Facing Transaction Systems. DelBene is an application development expert focused on commercial software for.

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