Vendor Advisory Services

Vendor advisory services

Vendor Advisory Services: Expertise and advice on-demand.

Daniel W. Rasmus has been offering vendor advisory services to software and hardware firms for over 30 years. 

Dan knows all sides of the technology equation: analyst, vendor, and end-user. He served as VP of Collaboration and Knowledge Management Research at Forrester. As Director of Business Insights, he ran thought leadership for Microsoft Office. At Hughes Aircraft Dan developed the enterprise technology architecture and managed end-user computing. At Western Digital he developed the SMART AI system for pick-and-place programming. He has also advised several start-ups and non-profits.

Let Dan and Serious Insights help your developers and marketing team create better products, improve market positioning, and craft engaging messages. We offer the following services:

  • Primary and secondary research 
  • Remote and on-site advisory sessions
  • Thought leadership content development
  • Webinar facilitation and original presentations
  • Remote and in-person keynotes and conference sessions

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