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HBR – CIOs: Scenario Planning Can Save Your Job

It’s the rare CIO who applies scenario planning to the business of IT. Yet, in a function driven by innovation and the uncertainties surrounding the application and implication of future technologies, not using scenarios is tantamount to management malpractice. Scenarios can help IT organizations create more resilient plans, practice for business climate changes, and better drive innovation..

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Eliminating Your Company’s Fear of Change

It seems like this week is the week to argue with bloggers over at Harvard Business Review. May latest read was Cure Your Company’s Allergy to Change by Brad Power. I don’t think fear of change is a structural issue. It is a behavioral and philosophical issue. Let me just focus on the list at.

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How to Unshackle Yourself from E-mail

On this Harvard Business Review blog this morning, Daniel Markovitz, wrote a piece titled: How to Break Free from Email Jail. I appreciate Daniel’s manufacturing analogy of creating a pull system for information.  His designs make sense. However, what Daniel doesn’t acknowledge is that outside of manufacturing, most organizations don’t run like manufacturing floors. That.

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