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Thinking Like a Strategist. Perspectives on Research.

When a large organization tells me that they have "confirmed their strategic position with research" I am immediately skeptical because that sentence doesn’t provide me with enough information. I dig a little deeper by asking a not so simple question: Was this research conducted after you decided on your position or before? This question is.

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Americans Take Note: South Korea’s Government Wants to Stop Saturday Classes, Mothers Revolt

The July 11-July 17 Edition of BusinessWeek reports that South Korea’s President, Lee Myung Bak, wants to cease holding school on two Saturday’s a month – a tradition since the 1950s (read South Koreans Balk at Saturdays Without School). Parents are not happy, nor, in the BusinessWeek report, are they complacent. If this happens, it.

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The Permanent Temporary Workforce

The Permanent Temporary Workforce I loved the January 18. 2010 BusinessWeek cover emblazoned with: The Permanent Temporary Workforce. Inside, I didn’t love it so much, because workers went from permanently temporary, to disposable. Workers aren’t disposable. I believe the new workforce is empowered, entrepreneurial and game changing. The recession has created an impetus for change. The workforce will never.

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