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Lessons Learned from Massive Audio’s Geeky Fametek Spin-off

  Massive Audio’s Geeky Fametek Spin-off For the last couple of years, people visiting Las Vegas for CES may have noticed a Dalek, Doctor Who’s most persistent enemy, roaming in front of a booth at the edge of the iLounge. Those who wandered the show were sure to see it. The cyborg crafted mostly of.

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Celebrity Insights: Star Trek’s Chase Masterson – Leadership Lessons from a Dabo Girl

What can we learn about leadership from a Dabo girl? Well, a lot as it turns out. I had the pleasure of hanging out with several Star Trek celebrities over the course of a recent Seattle convention weekend. I was particularly struck by Chase Masterson—Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s Leeta, the most featured of shows.

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Why Big Budget Movies Need Scenario Planning

Why Big Budget Movies Need Scenario Planning I agree with Tony Reiss that professional firms need scenarios. But let’s flip that word a bit. I think professional films also need scenarios. Film makers need to use scenarios to help drive plots. Most movies retell tales that writers know—they don’t come up with entirely new plots.

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