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HP Breaking the Redmond Dependency–A Tale of Two Strategies, Two Futures

Nokia’s Stephen Elop is getting some grief for his choice of Windows to fuel his company’s new SmartPhones. (see Grief and disbelief greet Elop’s Nokia revolution)  Over at HP, CEO Apotheker is dumping Microsoft in favor of its own OS (Global CIO: HP Mobile Dump Of Microsoft Is Brilliant). These are two strategic visions heading.

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Where Next for Nokia and Microsoft?–Be the Best Windows Phone Partner or Be Irrelevant

So Nokia has decided to partner with Microsoft. The details may have changed, but my strategic advice to them remains the same. They need to analyze their strengths against the competitors and combine those with the strengths of the Microsoft platform in order to out innovate Apple and Google. They will not survive if they.

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Strategy: What Nokia Needs to Do To Survive

Stephen Elop’s leaked Nokia strategy memo (full text here at the WSJ TechEurope blog) has caused a bit of a stir. At the center of the memo is uncertainty. The message he gives is that people need to embrace uncertainty like the man in his allegorical burning platform, jump into icy waters and be transformed..

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