Sponsored Research

This list represents examples of bespoke research conducted on behalf of Serious Insights clients. We do not endorse products, but we do apply our thinking to challenging questions, answer analytical questions posed to use by clients, share original research insights, and share our practice knowledge through vendor white papers and posts.

AccumaticaERP By DesignAn ERP implementation guide based on the book 'Management by Design.' 2016-03-01Rasmus-Acumatica-Mid-Market-Advisory-Rethinking-ERP
GlobalEnglishDesigning for Just-in-Time Skill AcquisitionA management by design approach to learning.2014-11-11Serious Insights Pearson paper final
LogmeinFile sharing and synchronization: evolved for businessInsights on file sharing use and technology for the enterprise.2014-06-27file-sharing-and-synchronization-evolved-for-business
TelestialAmerican Travelers: Not Masters of International DataInsights on international data use by U.S. travelers.2015-03-27Telestial Survey Final
MicrosoftThe Serendipity Economy Quantification Study Pilot Project ReportThe results of a pilot test conducted with Microsoft and Dell that validated The Serendipity Economy premise2014-09-01Serious-Insights-The-Serendipity-Economy-Quantification-Study-Pilot-Project-Report
TheBrainUsing Visual Collaboration to Create Business ContextLearn how visual collaboration can help organizations better understand relationships between people, process and content within rich knowledge networks.2013-10-14Rasmus-TheBrain-visual-collaboration
CiscoWork in a Post-PC WorldA look ahead at the future of collaboration2013-06-13Rasmus-Cisco-Universal-Post
CiscoThe Universal Post: Collaboration Design for a Post-PC WorldAn argument for creating more malleable collaboration experiences.2012-06-13Rasmus-Cisco-Universal-Post
CiscoThe Design of Organization NextAn analysis of the current state of HR and talent and a look into what might happen over the next decade.2011-03-29Rasmus-Cisco-Design-Organization-Next
GoToMeetingCollaboration Software: A Buyer's GuideA comprehensive guide to collaboration software buyers.2013-10-21Rasmus-Citrix-Collaboration-Buyers-Guide
China's Taihu World Cultural ForumKnowledge, Collaboration and the Global Environmental DialogMy recommendations on how to collaborate globally on environmental issues.2013-05-18Rasmus-Knowledge-Collaboration-Global-Environmental-Dialog
GoToMeetingMeeting Design for Businesses Large and SmallA guide for designing great meetings.2013-06-24Rasmus-Citrix-How-To-Design-A-Meeting
AasonnWorkforce planning drives healthcare outcomesHow workforce planning can help organizations create better patient outcomes.2012-11-09Rasmus-aasonn-healthcare-workforce
YammerEnterprise Social Networking: Finding Value in SerendipityLearn how to capture value beyond productivity.2012-02-03Rasmus-yammer-Enterprise-Social-Networking-Serendipity-Economy
MediaPlantformEmbracing Personal Video For Organizational LearningLearn how video can help capture knowledge from retiring employees.2011-06-29Rasmus-MediaPlatform-video-enterprise-learinng
AccumaticaMid-Market Advisory: Rethinking ERP in a Time of Great ChangeHow the global markets and emerging technologies are reshaping ERP.2013-12-11Rasmus-Acumatica-Mid-Market-Advisory-Rethinking-ERP