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NPR’s Fresh Air Explores Uncertainties Driving Education’s Future

Listen or read this excellent interview with Kevin Carey, the director of the Education Policy Program at the New America Foundation. The interview actually explores the uncertainties and driving forces that will perhaps make college more affordable in the long term. He also offers an often hidden definition of college that may well underpin the.

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Ladies’ Home Journal Century-Old Predictions Came True

Interesting story on John Elfreth Watkins prediction made in The Ladie’s Home Journal back in December 1900. Interestingly accurate in some cases, but like Nostradamus or Biblical interpretation, we often see the past through the lens of the present and forgive the details. Some of the concepts are pretty close, but the details aren’t. And.

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Time to Rethink First Two Years of Higher Ed?

From NPR February 9, 2010 As enrollment rates in colleges have continued to increase, a new book questions whether the historic number of young people attending college will actually learn all that much once they get to campus. In Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, two authors present a study that followed 2,300 students.

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