Management by Design

Helping to make work a better experience. The new management and leadership book from Daniel W. Rasmus.

In this age of consumer-obsessed business, the experience of the worker is too often neglected. In Management by Design, that element is finally given the attention it deserves.

Praise for Management by Design

“I learned that if I organize a meeting, that I not only should be concerned with what it is I want to say, but what others might want to add. Seems simple but to me (I am ashamed to say) it was a revelation which has already lead to more productive and efficient meetings. This is why I recommend reading and practicing “Management by Design” as I have.”
Thomas J. Martin

“Management by Design challenges leaders to think about their organizations and their missions in new ways. Instead of looking purely at functional processes, Dan Rasmus suggests applying aesthetic principles such as balance, simplicity, and integrity to the workplace. He points the way forward to a new vision of work that is elegant, collaborative, and productive in ways that add true value for both the employer and the worker.”—Rob Salkowitz, Author, Young World Rising

Management by Design isn’t light reading, but it is intriguing reading. You can almost feel Rasmus grabbling with the ideas as he writes the text. This is not something you find in the lighter management books that tend to moralize through fables and stories. This book helps people think about their work experience in a new way, and hopefully, some of those people are managers and executives”—Chris Pellegrino

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From the Book Cover:

“It’s one of the great ironies in modern business that even the managers who understand the extraordinary power of design focus that concern only on their products. Managers who appreciate the centrality—and the remarkable value—of good customer experience look no further than their customers. In Management by Design, Daniel Rasmus explains how to turn this same set of tools inward—how we can focus them on our own organizations—to unlock both powerful productivity and extraordinary innovation. These are lessons that we in business have long needed to learn—lessons more timely, in the current climate, than ever. A must-read.”
—Lawrence Wilkinson, Chairman, Heminge & Condell, and cofounder, Global Business Network

“Managers will ignore the principles of workplace design discussed in this book at their peril.”
—Stephen Denning, author of The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling and The Secret Language of Leadership

“Dan Rasmus has been a big thinker about knowledge and knowledge work for more than a decade. He’s one of the few to realize that workplace design is far more than just architecture or furniture, but rather the entire work experience in and outside of the office. If you seek employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and retention—you’ll find they are outcomes of the ideas in this book.”
—Thomas H. Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor of IT and Management, Babson College; author of Thinking for a Living; and coauthor of Competing on Analytics and Analytics at Work

“Rasmus makes you think—really think—about what you thought you knew. How many of our organizations are hodgepodges of ‘shalts’ and ‘shalt nots’ from HR handbooks? Doesn’t work in today’s world, Rasmus declares, as he weaves together the new reality forming just below our organizational vision. Managers/employers who figure out how to shape employees’ experiences through mindful design will win, creating a workplace that attracts and retains the best and brightest. This book will change the way you think about business.”
—Jean Floten, President, Washington Governor’s University


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