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Forecast for IBM Connect 2014: Cloudy with a Chance of Social

The title says it all, on multiple levels. The skies are cloudy and the products are moving to The Cloud. The conference’s underlying theme is social (with a de-emphasis on collaboration) and the real reason to attend is also social. Although some sessions do offer inspiring glimpses into companies using IBM technology, or overviews of.

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CES 2014: Implications for Apple

Read here or download the PDF. The major CES trends should not be lost on its arguably biggest no show.  Even if not immediately, several technologies showcased at CES will eventually force Apple to create more powerful devices with more memory, perhaps abandon long-rumored entries into new markets and decide on the role it wants.

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Apple’s SnappyCam Acquisition and Industry Camera Strategy

Toward the end of the year, burst mode camera app developer SnappyLabs disappeared from Apple’s App Store, along with its app, SnappyCam, only to reappear on the pages and posts of industry merger and acquisition analysts. SnappyCam one-upped Apple’s iOS 7/iPhone 5s burst mode image capture with 20 photos per second to Apple’s 10. The.

Read more DelBene Needs to Embrace Transparency, Collaboration and Customers

There are several things former Microsoft Office President Kurt DelBene will need to learn quickly in his new role as Developer-in-Chief of the struggling website in order to be successful. Here are three critical areas he will have to master. Customer-Facing Transaction Systems. DelBene is an application development expert focused on commercial software for.

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The Tens—Designing the IT CRM Role

Unlike sales-oriented CRM, Customer Relationship Management within IT focuses on relationships that help empower the business with technology, and if necessary, keep IT out of the way until the time is right Be a member of the customer’s team IT Customer Relationship Managers need to balance between what IT management thinks it needs to deliver,.

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The Tens—IT Change Management

IT often drives change within organizations. This list of tens focuses on how IT can successfully implement new customer-facing systems and infrastructure. Executive engagement. Buy-in doesn’t cut it. If executives and organizational leaders don’t actively engage, drive, and lead the new applications or infrastructure, change won’t happen. Executives need to understand that adoption arrives by.

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Ten Ways to Reduce Interruptions at Work

  Many people working in offices, even factory floors, complain about interruptions. To a great degree, interruptions are things you accept. You may feel like they are push upon you, and sometimes they, are, but for the most part, they are things we do to ourselves out of boredom, frustration or lack of engagement. These.

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The Future of the Book

During a recent workshop at the Computers in Libraries conference, the workshop members and sketched out some ideas. I have incorporated those ideas into this image. What are we missing?  What pieces will come first? What are we out of our mind about?

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‘When Gadgets Betray Us’ Betrays Readers with Fear and Few Answers

Read the review: ‘When Gadgets Betray Us’ Betrays Readers with Fear and Few Answers at PopMatters.

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Why Tech’s Biggest Players Favor The Illusion Of Progress Over Real Innovation

Science fiction promised a future of intelligent devices designed to serve their owners. But today’s technology serves its manufacturers more than its end user. Read the entire post at Fast Company.

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