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The Collaboration Market 2020: Innovation and Momentum During Lockdown

The collaboration market 2020: Collaboration vendors have touted the value of remote work for decades. It wasn’t until the 2020 COVID pandemic that their ideas of distributed work were deeply tested. And for the most part, collaboration delivered on its promises. The adoption of concepts often unveils new fractures under stress. Collaboration technology proved no.

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The WBA Wireless Global Congress: Synthesis and Summary

This summer the WBA Wireless Global Congress was held virtually. I attended each session. The following post synthesizes some key ideas from the sessions. It is not exhaustive. A full list of presentations and a link to downloads is provided at the end of this post for those who want to explore sessions or ideas.

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The Fuze Adoption Playbook: Analysis & Recommendations

The Fuze Adoption Playbook: Analysis and Recommendations Analysis Fuze recently launched what it calls The Adoption Playbook. Their Adoption Playbook (found here) covers the creation of a five-phase approach to adoption.  These phases include: Adoption game plan Internal launch campaign Engagement plan Go live support Ongoing nurture Fuze’s Adoption Playbook covers the basics, but it is.

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