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Scenario-Based Innovation Workshops

Innovation Workshops that get Your Team Ready to Challenge the World

Half-day and full-day innovation workshops unleash your team’s creativity. Learn about scenario thinking, then leap into highly engaging activities that unshackle your team from their mental constraints.


Apply Scenarios to Business Problems

Directly apply scenario-based futures to one or more challenges currently being faced by your organization. Come away with dozens of new ideas that will transform products and processes driven by new perspectives on markets and customers.


Unleash Individual Creativity

Help individuals break out of their day-to-day routines and light their personal creative fires by challenging their assumptions about the business and the world. Encourages participants to use agile thinking.[/one_half_last]


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Avoid Surprises                            .

By looking at multiple futures, participants will be less likely to be surprised by social, economic, political, or technological incidents that would derail their project. The workshop is the first step in navigating the future more effectively.



Discover Emergent Opportunities

Just because you come to the workshop with an idea to test against the future, that doesn’t mean it’s the only or even the best solution that your organization can deliver in a differentiated way. You may well leave the workshop with a few ideas that you hadn’t considered, or even rethinking ideas you discarded because they didn’t fit a more rigid set of assumptions about the future.[/one_half_last]


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Test and Challenge Assumptions

The biggest blocker to innovation is thinking “you know.” You know your future customer. You know how regulations will play out. You know what technologies will emerge. But you don’t know. This workshop breaks down the barriers to seeing possibilities.



Design an Early Warning System

Once you understand the uncertainties facing your job, your company and your industry, you can then monitor how they unfold over time in a systematic and purposeful way.[/one_half_last]

Mine the Implications

At the end of the workshop, we look back at the projects and processes you brought with you, those that emerged during the session, and infer from the scenarios the first pass at implications for the business, the industry and the individual.


Our Innovation Workshops ask: How robust are your ideas in the face of change?


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