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1MORE ComfoBuds Review: A Tale of 2 Radically Reimagined Earbuds

1More ComfoBuds appear to come from the future. They arrive in little pods, clean and white, or iridescent. They are small and silent ahead of awakening. They glow at the tips to broadcast their willingness to couple. These two earbuds serve very different purposes. The Zs aim into the night, when dark envelops and reality.

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JBL Live 300TWS Earbuds Review: Utility True Wireless Earbuds That Aspire to More

The $149.95 JBL Live 300TWS earbuds deliver good sound in a package that is just a bit bigger than the competition. They come loaded with ambient and talk-thru features, along with good battery life that will serve many use cases (except plane or bus travel), but without standing out in any one of them. What.

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