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Apple’s SnappyCam Acquisition and Industry Camera Strategy

Toward the end of the year, burst mode camera app developer SnappyLabs disappeared from Apple’s App Store, along with its app, SnappyCam, only to reappear on the pages and posts of industry merger and acquisition analysts. SnappyCam one-upped Apple’s iOS 7/iPhone 5s burst mode image capture with 20 photos per second to Apple’s 10. The.

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Science Teaching with iOS: from the Macro to Micro

(Published as a 3-part series on iPhone Life) When we peer out at the night sky on a clear, moonless night, we see thousands of individual stars — millions if you count galaxies mixed into the field of view. Look at your finger and you’ll see the intricate swirls and folds that make up your.

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So far this month over at iPhoneLife

LightWedge Verso Series Offers Stylish iPad Protection   An iPhone Power Boosting Trifecta from Qmadix MoPix Video Service Transforms Independent Films into Apps The world of film has become increasingly democratized with the advent of the Internet. People can create films and distribute them with ease. Unfortunately, posting a video to YouTube may generate hits,.

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