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Telestial International Data Report ‘American Travelers: Not Masters of International Data’ Now Available at Serious Insights

American Travelers: Not Masters of International Data The new Telestial international data report from Serious Insights and Telestial shares the results of a U.S. survey that produced key insights related to the use of international data for those traveling outside of the U.S. The report includes findings and recommendations. Executive Overview A 2015 Survey by.

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Serious Insights International Data Survey Referenced by CNET

I have become even more deeply aware of this because of a survey that has prostrated itself before me. It suggests that Americans are so confused about international data plans — and even what constitutes data and what doesn’t — that they completely change their behavior. This is the equivalent of Americans ceasing to ask.

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Serious Insights International Data Study Referenced by Travel Agent Central

Stat: 82 Percent Worry About Mobile Data Charges Overseas Do your clients worry about bill shock from mobile data use while traveling? According to a new study by Serious Insights and Telestial Inc., it could be harming their productivity. Six out of ten significantly change their behavior and use of data, becoming less likely to respond right away.

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