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The Collaboration Market 2020: Innovation and Momentum During Lockdown

The collaboration market 2020: Collaboration vendors have touted the value of remote work for decades. It wasn’t until the 2020 COVID pandemic that their ideas of distributed work were deeply tested. And for the most part, collaboration delivered on its promises. The adoption of concepts often unveils new fractures under stress. Collaboration technology proved no.

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Developing a Winning Thought Leadership Strategy

What Is a Thought Leadership Strategy? How do you think about the future of your market? Does your organization include people who help shape your industry? What unique insights does your organization have about its market? What is your vision for the future of your customer? The answer to these questions should be coordinated by.

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Welcome to the Serendipity Economy

Industrial age economics obscures economic activity that doesn’t fit neatly into its models of productivity and efficiency. In an ever more connected world, a new framework is required that accounts for the value derived from seemingly random and unanticipated encounters and interactions. The Serendipity Economy framework posits six attributes that identify faults in our current.

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