Category: Knowledge Management

Why Faculty Should Employ Technology Du Jour

I have talked to many K-12 educators, as well as college professors. Some are adventurous technophiles, and others are resistant, reluctant or not technology capable of embracing new technology as moves into common use. I think we need to encourage faculty to embrace technology as it arrives, and provide them the tools and support to.

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Curation Not The Future of The Net, Unless You pay

I was just referred to Tom Foremski’s Silicon Valley Watcher post on Curation and the Human Web… which argues that curating the content of the web will be a big topic in 2011. I don’t think so, at least not as it is characterized in the post. Curation is like knowledge management. If there is.

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Encouraging Communities of Practice

I was just reading a report out from Deloitte’s Stan Garfield on Communities of Practice (original post from the Darwin Discovery Engine Blog no longer available. Find KM-related posts form Stan at Medium).  Here are some thoughts on Stan’s 10 Principals. My comments are in grey. One – Communities should be independent of organizational structure..

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