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US Labor Policy and Employment

Thinking out loud: Back in January of 2009 I wrote the blog post below. Since then, the White House, and several part of the executive branch, with the support of congress, have attempted to shore-up American labor with stimulus funds and various other efforts. I believe much of their effort is misguided because they do.

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Science, Uncertainty and Being Right

The October 2010 Scientific American reports on an exclusive poll about trust in science. For the most part, people trust scientists, but not at the highest level, especially when it comes to things that non-scientists have personal experience with.  At the low end of the trust rung were food safety, vitamins and supplements, genetically modified.

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First Pass: What’s Wrong with the Grand Challenges for Engineering

At the risk of committing more overthinking of the Grand Challenges for Engineering, I want to take a first pass at discussing what I think is wrong with them in a very specific way, and honing the list into something more grand. Here is the current list: Make solar energy economical Provide energy from fusion.

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