CES 2022 COVID Safety Products

CES 2022 COVID Safety Products

CES 2022 COVID Safety Products

Top of mind for many, especially those who didn’t travel to CES, are products focused on keeping environments safe from COVID and other pathogens. We offer a range of mostly complementary products that individuals and organizations may want to look at to help keep work areas safe during the pandemic, and from endemic outbreaks in the future.

Air-Clenz Filters


Air-Clenz Systems™ will bring ventilation systems to desktop computer monitors and laptops to improve indoor air quality. Air-Clenz claims to capture and clean 95+% of exhaled air, along with circulating and cleaning the room’s air. They claim a room serviced by their filter will be 99.97% free of viruses such as COVID, Influenza, the common cold, and general pollution. Those working from home, and employers seeking ways to create more inviting, safe work environments may want to take a look.

Airthings View Plus


CES 2022 COVID Safety Products Airthings View Plus

If you want to make sure air filtering systems are working, explore Airthings and their monitors. Airthings introduced their $299 View Plus ($299), which monitors radon, carbon dioxide, pollution, wildfire smoke, viruses, allergens, and additional threats. Like other Airthings products, the View Plus tracks the PM 1.0 and 2.5 particles that pose the most direct risk to health.

Opteev ViraWarn 


CES 2022 COVID Safety Products ViraWarn Patriot

If you want to know your personal COVID-19 status and are done with swabs and waiting in long lines, for well, swabs, consider $359 ViraWarn Freedom as a way to detect COVID-19. Breath into the Freedom Personal Handheld COVID breath analyzer and receive your status within seconds using edge AI. The $359 device is taking reservations while it awaits FDA emergency authorization. Opteev claims tests run less than $0.25 each with cartridges rated for 200 tests.

ViraWarn Patriot ($499), a stationary but portable device, continuously monitors a room’s air. When it senses particles of COVID-19, any of its variants, or other spike-protein viruses it invokes an audible/LED alarm and sends a notification to the ViraWarn mobile app. ViraWarn also sells larger detectors in its Liberty series.



CES 2022 COVID Safety Products Serenio

If you want to eliminate COVID and flu, consider the Serenio device to further cut down the virus in your environment, in the air, and on surfaces. Serenio isn’t cheap, at $3,800 a unit, but if it does what it says it does, public and private workspaces may benefit from people knowing a technology like Serenio is in place.

UVCeed MagSafe Sanitation Device


CES 2022 COVID Safety Products UVCeed

Imagine a UV sanitizing device that works with your phone. No need to imagine. The UVCeed device clicks onto MagSafe compatible phones and cases via internal magnets. When needed, open the UVCeed app to activate the device, and then point it at any surface to disinfect what you can see through the camera. The system then examines the surface to report results. Need more sanitizing? Then zap the area again to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs or expand the disinfected area. You can actually watch as disinfecting occurs. 

CES 2022 COVID Safety Products Advisory

All of these products will help create a safer work experience. They show the range of innovation, running from small, handheld devices for personal use to industrial level tools targeted at eliminating threats in very large areas. Individuals should look to protect themselves, and monitor their own area, even if in a hybrid workspace that may be managed by their organization. Organizations should offer the safest work experience possible by employing technologies while encouraging their workers to take personal responsibility for monitoring–and if they are not comfortable with the anti-virus regime, bringing their own tools to complement what will become anti-virus infrastructure.

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Daniel W. Rasmus

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