CES 2022 Translation Devices and Services: 3 Dynamic Approaches to Language Translation

CES 2022 Translation Devices and Services: 3 Dynamic Approaches to Language Translation

CES 2022 Translation Devices and Services

Hybrid work has always meant working across geographies. Although many of the video conferencing systems offer real-time translation, the reality is often much less than the promise. These three translators can be used to complement other forms of translation.

Vasco translator m3 

Vasco Translator M3 ($361) is an electronic translator that comes with unlimited and free data for life. It employs AI-based technology translates over 70 languages using six translation engines. The company claims 96% accuracy for two-way, instant translation. Noise reduction helps translate even in nosy areas like construction sites or train stations. The device also translates from photos.

CES 2022 Translation Devices and Services Vasco Translator M3

Waverly Labs Ambassador

Waverly Labs brought several translation-oriented devices to CES 2022 including their Subtitles, Audience, and updated Ambassador experience.

Subtitles, a two-sided customer service counter display that facilitates hygienic, in-person interactions. 

Users talk to a Subtitles device naturally after identifying their spoken language. Translations quickly appear as text on the opposite person’s screen in their chosen language. Subtitles employs two 3840 × 1100 displays, a connected processing unit, and a microphone array to capture conversations, send them to the cloud, and display them. Also a strong tool for communication with hearing-impaired guests.  

Waverly Labs Subtitles

Audience supports speaking engagements through an app that lets audiences select their language of choice and see the translation. The software captures audio from the speaker’s microphone, processes it in the cloud, and then delivers it to attendees for listening or reading as text. A unique code (or scan a QR code) lets people join and listen without special hardware.

Waverly Labs Audience

Ambassador Interpreter ($179, shipping I February 2022) enhances previous generations of over-the-ear devices for near-simultaneous audio and text translations with multiple headsets synchronized to the same smartphone. The new version is more aesthetically pleasing, captures speech faster, and offers improved translation accuracy. Ambassador is designed for free-flowing conversations, including conversations that include multiple languages. 

Ambassador Interpreter modes of operation

Listen mode translates individual speakers in a range of about 8-feet, delivering translations to the owner in their native language.

Lecture mode streams the words of a speaker wearing an Ambassador to multiple people’s smartphones in a conference, group, or education environment.

Converse mode supports up to four people, each wearing an Ambassador Interpreter to actively engage in a fluid conversation, with each user potentially listening in a different language.

Waverly Labs devices and services work with 20 languages and 42 dialects including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Polish, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese and Dutch.

Pocketalk Transitions 

Pocketalk App

Pocketalk, a translation device maker announced that they were moving to the cloud-based via the Pocketalk app. The new Pocketalk app complements Pocketalk devices which translate audio for 82 languages and visuals, like signs, printed text, and handwriting, for 55 languages. Pocktalk App subscriptions will begin at 2.99/month when the service starts in Spring 2022.

Other CES 2022 product announcements include Pockettalk Subtitles translates over the top of video conferences so all participants can quickly catch what others on the call are saying via a smartphone’s camera. The $9.99 service will translate up to two languages simultaneously.

Pocketalk Console help organizations manage multiple PocketTalk devices to support improved connectivity, understand translation history, and keep tabs on other functions.

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