Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Review: 4 Batteries That Empower Exuberant Charging Experiences for Those Really on the Go

Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Review: 4 Batteries That Empower Exuberant Charging Experiences for Those Really on the Go

Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged



The Mophie Powerstation Rugged Go suite of ruggedized batteries brings a wealth of extras, from floodlights and jumper cables to emergency flashers—and one with AC power. All models include a carrying pouch for accessories, cables, and air compressor tips (depending on the model). Highly versatile batteries for travel, be it work or play. Marked down on design for lack of rugged certifications.


With the Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged line, the PC-accessory brand delivered an impressive line of batteries with unique and Innovative features—too bad they didn’t take the final step to seek environmental and drop test certs.

Note: Because the Powerstation Go Rugged is a product line and not a single product, the Amazon button in the review summary points to the general Mophie Amazon store page. Individual boxes below take you to the Amazon page for the products we reviewed where available.

Powerstation Go Rugged AC

55,500mWh Battery

2 USB-A ports

Digital display

65W/115V AC Outlet

Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor 

55,500mWh battery

2 USB-A ports

Digital display

Air Compressor

Powerstation Go Flashlight

36,630mWh battery

1 12-W USB-A port

LED power indicator

450 Lumen flashlight

Powerstation Go Rugged Compact

mophie powerstation go rugged compact.

Not available on Amazon. See Zagg product page here.

29.9Wh Battery

2 USB-A ports

LED power indicator

What we like

The Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged batteries share several cool features across the product line. These include:

  • Built-in floodlight/SOS light
  • Jumpstart feature, including jumper cables
  • USB-A charging ports
  • USB-C charging port for the battery

None of these batteries qualify as pocket-sized. They tend to resemble well-worn bricks in appearance and weight. They are not intended for pockets but rather for trunks and backpacks. These are the batteries you want on a long trip where help might be a few hours away.

The air compressor model clearly stand-outs. I imagine its peers elected it as the battery “most likely to be found in a trunk.” Its well-designed LED display provides input on the current charge and the air compressor’s pounds per square inch (PDI) setting. An extension hose and set of tips for filling tires or footballs accompany this go rugged battery.

The Flashlight Go quickly became my favorite. It embodies the line’s practical features, but the killer flashlight cranks up the illumination game to eleven. It’s the only go rugged battery that as easily makes a claim to daily use as it does to power-starved contingent moments.

Powerstation Go Flashlight

Mophie created batteries that focus on service. These are not one-trick ponies, but batteries that act as multi-headed power experiences full of light, aglow in bright white and screaming red, charging and charges of various volts, and features like an air compressor that recognizes the alignment of air and power in times of consternation. As good as they are, Mophie left room for improvement.

What could be improved

Despite the term rugged being used across the line, none of these batteries seem to own any rugged certifications for water, dust, or drops. They appear designed for sturdiness, but the lack of documentation begs the question about how sturdy.

The charging ports work just fine, but I would like to see a little bit more lead on the port covers, a little more room for the cable or plug to find its home. A USB-C charging port would enhance the port selection and make the output appear as modern as the input.

As the most feature-rich battery in mophie’s Go Rugged line, the air compression version would benefit from an AC port to round out its features.

Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged: The Bottom Line

Zagg’s Mophie brand brings well-conceived features to the Go Rugged battery line. They look good, perform as they claim: lighting up, jumping, charging, but they fail to live up to the rugged part of their moniker because Mophie did not pursue certifications.

Mophie provided the Go Rugged Batteries for review. Images courtesy of Zagg/Mophie.

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