mophie snap adapter Review: Magnets that Make Phone Accessories Stick

mophie snap adapter Review: Magnets that Make Phone Accessories Stick

mophie snap Adapter



A ring of magnets that can make all wireless phones MagSafe compatible, and offers cool mounting systems even for non-Qi devices. Great for those who opt for charging features over fancy case. Works best with a naked phone. Accessories work on all Apple MagSafe phones as well. Rated one star less that the top because the best use case is a naked phone.

mophie snap adapter with juice pack mini

Zagg’s mophie snap adapters, an adhesive ring of magnets, transforms any phone in to a MagSafe device. MagSafe was released by Apple with the iPhone 12 as a faster and more useful approach to wireless charging. MagSafe charges faster than traditional wireless, known as Qi, because Apple placed a ring of magnets around the Qi charging array. The magnets center devices on the charger so they always align properly for maximum charge. With mophie’s new snap adapters, all phones gain access to MagSafe’s charging promise, and to a variety of MagSafe compatible accessories.

Just placing the magnets on a non-wireless phone does not magically imbue non-wireless charging phones with wireless charging. They can, however, leverage the magnetic force for applications like automotive vent mounting, and using the a MagSafe stand, such as mophie’s snap+ wireless charging stand, or Twelve South’s Forte to support applications like video conferencing.

mophie makes a range of snap+ compatible products, each of which comes with the snap adapter. 

Some of the mophie accessories include the snap vent mount, the snap+ wireless vent mount, the snap+ wireless charger, the snap+ juice pack, and the snap+ wireless charging stand. mophie also sells a number of snap compatible cases for phones.

mophie sells additional adapters in a two pack for $19.95.  

mophie snap adapter being applied

What we like

The mophie snap system is relatively easy to use. A card comes with each snap ring. Place the card on the back of a non-magnetic phone and align the top-and-bottom, left-and-right, so the hole in the center of the card encircles the center of the device. Then apply the 3M adhesive side of the snap magnet ring to the device, Finally, remove the plastic protector from the magnets.

That’s it.

As for the accessories, once unboxed, assembled (if necessary), and plugged-in, they also just work. Align the two magnetic surfaces and the snap magnets snap to the charging device or mount.

The snap+ wireless charger is exactly the same size as Apple’s MagSafe charger, so it will likely also work on any non-mophie third party MagSafe accessories designed to house Apple’s puck. It runs $4 less than Apple’s charger.

My favorite accessory is the snap+ juice pack mini that, like Apple’s MagSafe battery does for $50 more, brings magnetic wireless charging on the go. No more need to plug in on the road, just slap the juice pack on the device and it charges. Like all recent mophie batteries, the juice pack mini recharges via the includes USB-C cable.

The attraction between magnets is pretty good. A strong shaking may dislodge heavier devices, but you know, just don’t do that. In a major earthquake you’ll likely be more worried about your desk staying in your office than your phone phone staying on its charging stand. Test it out the the are though. Vent mounts may not be the best choice for rocky roads.

mophie is one of the leaders in packaging. Save the magnet covers and the retail hook, mophie packaging shuns plastic which is nice to see compared to products shipped in plastic blister packs with the external areas wrapped in clear plastic sheaths and every cable delivered in its own bag. mophie seemingly spent as much time on package design as they did product design.

As with all mophie products, every part of the snap ecosystems appears to reflect good build quality.

mophie snap adapter

What could be improved

The big downside for mophie snap adapter is the thickness of the magnets. If you buy fancy cases, the mophie snap adapter may not be for you. snap creates a raised area that results in a noticeable bulge on most cases. Owners do have the option of putting the snap on the case, but that doesn’t work as well as adhering it directly to a phone, and it changes the aesthetics of the case.

I would also like to see some non-slip surface on the back of alignment card. Keeping the card in the right place and placing the magnets is more easily a two-person job. Of course, you will likely only do it once per device, so it’s not likely to become a social burden. But some sort of stickiness would ease installation.

The only negative I’ve seen in testing the breadth of the snap ecosystem comes from the vent mount that doesn’t appear very secure on my vent fins. You’re milage may vary depending on the design of your vents.

mophie snap adapter ecosystem: The Bottom Line

mophie’s snap system offers a better charging experience for most wireless phones, and its MagSafe compatibility opens up the Apple MagSafe ecosystem to a wider number of device. That’s a smart play because mophie’s snap creates a market for its other MagSafe accessories. Magnets have revolutionized everything from packaging to MRI. Now they are playing a key role in transforming our wandering phones into devices that stay put a little bit better.

mophie provided the snap adapters and examples of the snap ecosystem for review. Images courtesy of snap.

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