Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+ Review: Elegant Charging for All Your Devices

Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+ Review: Elegant Charging for All Your Devices

Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+



Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+ delivers an elegant changing experience to any environment. The compact design and fabric finish put it a step above average consumer electronics plastic. The two Qi-compatible surfaces, along with the auxiliary USB charging port offer amble charging options for most Apple or Android device owners. An extra port for tablet charging and a smaller power supply would make the package even better, but it’s pretty top-notch as it is.


Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+: The mophie Wireless Charging Stand+ proves an elegant and outstanding companion to the full suite of Apple’s wirelessly charging devices. It also supports other Qi-enabled devices.

What we like

Zagg’s mophie product line continues to deliver outstanding power and charging designs for Apple and other mobile devices. The Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+ offers the perfect design for those all-in on wireless devices. A pad easily accepts the AirPod wireless case. The optional Apple Watch stand not only charges the Apple Watch but puts it into the right orientation for nightstand mode. And the phone stand easily handles an iPhone 12 mini (which it was tested with) or any other Qi-compatible phone.

Compact becomes the stands best design feature. It takes up just as much room as needed to charge the items. Seemingly no more and no less.

The dark gray fabric covering most of the Stand+ exudes a professional demeanor.

Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+ from above

What could be improved

I only offer two improvements to the design team at Zagg mophie.

First, the Charging Stand+ limits owners with Apple watches to the 3 item configuration. It would be great if the stand also included a fourth port for charging other random devices, like an iPad. No watch, no problem, but the watch accessory takes up the auxiliary charging port.

Second, I would like to see a more elegant way to handle the Apple watch cable. Either prongs for wrapping it along the back of the stand, or better, placing the charge port in a nock beneath the stand, with the cable also stowed below, out of sight. With such an otherwise graceful design, an unwieldy cable on the back degrades the design aesthetic.

The Stand could also do with a smaller power supply block, ideally one with prongs on its top for vertical insertion.

Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+: The Bottom Line

Some products offer to declutter desks, but they don’t. mophie didn’t make that claim, but they deliver a declutter experience in practice. The great-looking mophie Wireless Charging Stand+ complements office decors from starkly modern to traditional. For Apple or buyers of more diverse ecosystems, the Stand+ delivers a one-stop charging experience for all types of devices.

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Zagg mophie provided the Wireless Charging Stand+ for review purposes.

Images courtesy of Zagg.

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