QuickTake Review: Satechi USB-C Mobile Pro Hub

QuickTake Review: Satechi USB-C Mobile Pro Hub

The $59.99 Satechi USB-C Mobile Pro Hub turns the iPad Pro into a connected workhorse

Satechi USB-C Mobile Pro Hub

iPadOS 13 turns the iPad Pro into a powerful computer. iPadOS 13.4 empowers it with improved keyboard and mouse support. But software does nothing to turn the single USB-C port into anything more than a charging receptacle. The USB-C Mobile Pro Hub opens up the connecting power of the software through a well-chosen selection of ports in a compact package that will slip into any bag (or pocket).

What we like

The Mobile Pro Hub looks great, all well-machined aluminum and smooth edges. It offers just the right ports to keep the iPad Pro powered while extending its hardware reach.

The most important port for those with superior wired headphones comes in the form of the often missed audio port. The Satechi USB-C Mobile Pro Hub imbues an iPad Pro with a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Next up for those who can’t cast comes the 4K HDMI port that supports up to 30Hz output. And then there is the obligatory USB-Type A port that gives the iPad Pro access to wired accessories and mass storage.

And keep the iPad charging while using the hub with an 18W Power Delivery USC-C pass-thru port.

The hub comes in silver (ST-TCMPHS / 879961008024) and space grey (ST-TCMPHM / 879961008031).

Beyond the iPad Pro the Satechi hub also works with a number of other tablets, computers, and phones, including the Microsoft Surface, the Google Pixel series and the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Solid build, great design. A fitting complement to the iPad Pro and other devices.

The Satechi Hub measures 3.25″ x 1.06″ x 0.38″ , and weighs just 0.64 oz

What needs improvement

The only issue with the Satechi USB-C Mobile Pro Hub comes from the standard mail adapter that doesn’t reach the port for an iPad outfitted, for instance, with an Otterbox Symmetry Series 360 Folio Case or the UAG Scout Series with Smart Keyboard Folio support (to be fair, the product’s website states the hub does not work with cases). Satechi should consider including a USB-C extender in the box, or a mechanism for adjusting the length of the connector.

The Bottomline

Every iPad needs a companion like the Satechi USB-C Mobile Pro. It complements the iPad Pro’s aesthetics and extends its features so it can become a first-class member of a mobile computing arsenal ready to support collaboration in almost any situation. If Satechi designs the next version to work with cases, that would take the line to the next level.

Satechi provided the Mobile Pro Hub for review.

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