Review: Solo Alpine Tablet Sling

Solo Alpine Tablet Sling

Review: Solo Alpine Tablet Sling

Review: Solo Alpine Tablet Sling ($34.99) offers a reasonably priced tablet bag with enough room for all the accessories if not all the organizing features expected.

The Solo Alpine Tablet Sling delivers a two-compartment bag with a front zippered pocket that accommodates the largest of tablets and all the accessories required to connect it, power it, and leverage all of its capabilities.

What we like

Solo treats the fabric so it repels water. An essential feature for those, like me, who live in the Pacific Northwest or other rainy locals.

Solo Alpine Tablet Sling

The padded compartment cradles tablets up to 12.9”. That means the pocket will also embrace diminutive notebooks like the HP Dragonfly or the retired 12” MacBook. A second compartment protects other stuff. Mine usually sports an Apple keyboard for use with an iPad Pro. When holding the Dragonfly, it sometimes contains a Rocketbook Notebook.

The expansive zippered front pocket holds other stuff, like charging cables, headphones, power supplies, batteries, and screen cleaning cloths. It’s just a big pocket, so no organization.

Black cameo lining makes for a somewhat hip vibe, but it’s black, and it’s inside, so only, well, somewhat.

Styling focuses on urban chic. It’s gray and black color scheme with minor orange highlights plays neutral. It won’t clash with any style. It just elegantly is. A bit of a little black bag (in this case,  a little gray bag) for every occasion.

What could be improved

A couple of minor improvements could turn a good bag into a great bag.

First, a rear zippered pocket for travel documents and other flat items would be useful.

Solo Alpine Tablet Sling

Second, the Alpine would benefit from a little loop on the back as a handhold. As it is, one either wears of Alpine Table Sling or sits the bag down.  The bag doesn’t lend itself to being carried carrying other than cradled in an arm, or with the strap wadded up, or by just grabbing it by the scruff.

Third, the inclusion of a removable strap with swivel lobster clasps would be preferable to the stitched on strap.

Finally, a couple of pockets sown to the backside of the zippered front pocket would help stop all the items in the pocket from falling to the bottom of the compartment. A pen pocket would be useful as well, to carry a stylus in a protected space.

Solo Alpine Tablet Sling: Bottomline

For a $34.99 bag, it’s hard to complain about the Solo Alpine Tablet Sling. But designs can also be improved. The suggested changes would, however, would yield a different bag. Perhaps one at a higher price point driven by extra work and materials. But while the Solo Alpine Tablet Sling does the job well enough, a 2.0 version would offer a design with more staying power even if it gets closer to $50.

Solo provided the Alpine Tablet Sling for review.

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