Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub Review: The Perfect Desktop and Mobile iPad Pro Companion

Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub Review: The Perfect Desktop and Mobile iPad Pro Companion

Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub



Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub, the perfect stand iPad Pro stand for travel or for the desktop. Transforms the iPad Pro into a multi-port wonder that proves the only thing holding it back is iPad OS.


The Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub transforms the iPad Pro into a first-class mobile device, complete with all the inputs and outputs of a standard laptop. The hinged dock angles the iPad perfectly for viewing or content creation. My Mac Mini sits atop an equally well-considered Satechi hub. Satechi has the Apple’s aesthetic down for peripherals, arguably better than Apple does.

Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub ports.

What we like

Satechi’s compact aluminum block (5.1 x 4.2 x 0.9 inches, 10 oz) unfolds into a well-positioned stand that stabilizes the iPad for desktop use in portrait or landscape mode. The dock’s connector tucks under the plastic bottom to stay out of the way until needed.

Once completely unfurled, the Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub adds microSD and SD card support, 4K HDMI up to 60Hz, an audio port, and a USB-A port. A USB-C port powers the hub and charges the iPad while docked using Power Delivery (PD) with a power supply up to 60W. The USB-A port cannot be used for charging.

The stand does not protrude into the work area, making it an ideal companion for a mobile keyboard.

What could be improved

The design, ports, size, and weight of the Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub are all great. A built-in Ethernet port would be a welcomed addition despite the iPad Pro’s Wi-Fi prowess. Charing on the USB-A port would be useful.

In addition, Thunderbolt 4 support would take the hub to the next level.

Satechi might also want to consider a MagSafe or Qi charger on the top of the stand, as it is about the perfect size to sit an iPhone and charge it while working away on the iPad.

The Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub: The Bottom Line

When sitting at the desktop, The Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub props up the iPad Pro at the perfect angle. When traveling, the hub transforms the iPad into the near-perfect travel partner. Satechi just makes beautiful peripherals. Now all Apple has to do is unleash iPad OS.

Satechi provided the Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub for review. Images courtesy of Satechi.

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