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Daniel W. Rasmus speaks on innovation

Dan speaks on a wide range of topics. His keynotes and conference sessions are very highly rated. He avoids the stump speech by applying deep, customized research to each engagement, turning every talk into a customer-focused dialog about current issues and perspectives critical to their industry and their personal careers.

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Daniel W. Rasmus Speaking Trailer

How You Think About the Future is Dangerous

Introduces the scenario planning concept and describes how it can be used to effectively facilitate innovation by challenging assumptions, examining strategic threats and opportunities through new social, economic and technological lenses and opening up people’s minds to new possibilities.

A version of this presentation explores aspects of innovation based on Dan’s innovation work, such as:  “How Innovation is More Poetry than Science” from Fast Company and The Tens-Ten Lessons You Can Learn About Innovation by Studying Lady Gaga.

Podio World Tour, June 2011