Boldly Listen with the Star Trek Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker: FAMETEK Warps TNG’s 1701-D to a desk near you.

Boldly Listen with the Star Trek Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker: FAMETEK Warps TNG’s 1701-D to a desk near you.

Star Trek Enterprise-D Bluetooth Speaker as collectable
The Star Trek Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker in the Serious Insights collection (yes, those are signed Star Trek scripts on the wall). Copyright Daniel W. Rasmus and Serious Insights LLC.
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Copyright Daniel W. Rasmus and Serious Insights LLC.

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Image courtesy of FAMETEK.

Star Trek Enterprise-D Bluetooth Speaker



The FAMETEK Star Trek Enterprise 1701-D Bluetooth Speaker warps solid sound into any work or leisure area. Lights and play mode adds to the fun.


Most people, at least most people reading this review, already own a Bluetooth® speaker. Be they oblong, or square, circular, or rhomboid, most Bluetooth speakers don’t reflect the passion of their owners. The latest versions come in a wide variety of colors, some dangle, some glow, and others sparkle, but all of them feel generic at some level. Enter FAMETEK™ and their official licensed Star Trek line of technology. And flying in among the Qi Chargers and power banks arrives the Enterprise-D in all its glory. The model reflects a beautiful sculpt and great attention to detail. It sounds great and the special sound and lighting effects transform it into a very personalized statement for any Star Trek fan.

What we like

The $59.99 FAMETEK Star Trek Bluetooth Speaker orbit around the 45mm driver that radiates a rich sound, as it should. FAMETEK is a division of automobile and marine audio maker Massive Audio.

The 800MAh battery keeps the tunes flowing for around 6-8 hours depending on volume. Hook up an external power pack, and the skies the limit.

Want to be lulled to sleep like an ensign boarded near the outer hull of engineering? FAMETEK has you covered with the Enterprise-D’s engine noise emulator that puts out a constant level of futuristic impulse engine hum.

Other sound effects, in play mode, include:

  • Torpedo blast
  • Warp acceleration
  • “Incoming transmission”
  • “One minute to auto-destruct”

LEDs on the engines, deflector disk and saucer section wow time and again. They can easily be turned off with a click of a button to save power (or turned on to create a night light).

The sculpting and paint work hold against any Diamond Toys version of the Enterprise.

The speaker’s smokey delta shield base (I received the 2021 version for review) solidly supports the Enterprise.

In the large Bluetooth speaker market there are more expensive speakers with higher wattage and a wider variety of drivers, but there is only one that goes by the name, Enterprise.

What could be improved

The basic technology in the FAMETEK Star Trek Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker could use a little updating. I would like to see it ship with Bluetooth® 5 (it comes with 4.2) and a USB-C charging port. Better connections all the way around, with better sound and connection distance from BT 5.

As for the starship model, it would be great if it included paint detail on its underside. The model would feel more finished.

I would also like to see the base components stick together more securely. While the Enterprise sits firmly on its pedestal, the pedestal base, a beautifully sculpted communicator badge-shaped delta shield, doesn’t come together as tightly. Pick up the Enterprise and you may find the need to reseat it as it dangles.

But those are minor nits. The existence of this speaker will drive trek fans to it regardless of any minor issues.

FAMETEK Star Trek Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker: The Bottom Line

I have two Bluetooth speakers on my desk. One is the Star Trek Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker the other is a Doctor Who police box. Both of them are from FAMETEK. The is a statement as much about sound as it is about fandom.

Let’s make sure history never forgets… the name…”Enterprise“!

Star Trek TNG, “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”

FAMETEK provided the Star Trek TNG U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D Bluetooth Speaker for review. Some images courtesy of FAMETEK.

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