Star Trek Power Bank Review: FAMETEK Revs its Battery to 10,000mAh for More Power

Star Trek Power Bank Review: FAMETEK Revs its Battery to 10,000mAh for More Power

Star Trek Power Bank



The Star Trek Power Bank is a must-have for any Star Trek fan on an away mission. The 10,000mAh battery will keep phones and tablets charged for extra hours. And all that charging time will show off the owner’s love of all things Trek.


The slim Star Trek power bank does exactly what it’s supposed to do: charge stuff. FAMETEK offers versions for TOS and TNG fans.

What we like

This slim $24.95 power bank from FAMETEK fits snuggly in a back pocket, a purse, a satchel, or some other bag taken on an away mission.

It delivers 1.1A and 2.1A outputs, which work simultaneously to charge a tablet and a phone. Newer phones will benefit from faster charging via the 2.1A connection.

The image is high-resolution and silkscreened so it will hold up better than a sticker.

Of course, what really differentiates this power bank from all others is the licensed content that skins the batteries.

Star Trek Power Bank TNG LCARS Verison

What could be improved

It would be great to see a USB-C input for charging. As USB-C becomes, ubiquitous carrying a micro-USB cable is starting to feel so last decade. A version with a USB-C output would also be nice.

Besides that, the only ask would be variety. I’m sure the engineering and science divisions would also like a power bank that shows their affiliations. And of course, the real star of Star Trek has always been the U.S.S. Enterprise. I like that the TNG version includes a “property of” stencil on the back.

Star Trek Power Bank
The Star Trek Power Bank TNG version’s back sporting a Property of U.S.S. Enterprise logo.

Star Trek Power Bank: The Bottom Line

A Star Trek power bank is a must-have for any Star Trek fan. With dual discharge 1.1A and 2.1A outputs, it’s the perfect companion for a trip to Risa or any other planet where you might need more power.

FAMETEK provided the Star Trek Power Bank for review. Images courtesy of FAMETEK.

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