Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger Review: FAMETEK’s Charger That Beams Power Where You Need It

Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger Review: FAMETEK’s Charger That Beams Power Where You Need It

Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger with 8000 mAh Backup Battery for Wired USB and Wireless Charging



First of all, this Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger sports a Starfleet Academy logo (also comes in Starfleet Command and a stained glass window version). So way cool. And it lights up! And it’s also a battery, which charges wired devices. It works as a Qi wireless charger even when not plugged in. And yes, it charges two devices at a time. Make it so! Would benefit from a USB-C upgrade.


Star Trek fans look no further for the ultimate wireless charging accessory that the FAMETEK Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger. This charging puck also includes a battery that outputs to other devices via a USB-A charging port. It feels like something Scotty would keep in one of his pockets for one of those emergencies.,

I’m givin’ it all I can Captain. I just plugged in the FAMETEK Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger to the mains. Tell Mr. Sulu to try it now!

Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC 1701. Starfleet. United Federation of Planets.
Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger

What we like

The FAMETEK Star Trek Wireless Charger engages in multiple power tasks. Plug it into a micro-USB power adapter and it glows. Sit a Qi-compatible phone atop the disk and the phone charges. For most, that would be enough. Not for FAMETEK.

Disconnect the wire and the charger unleashes its 8000 mAh Backup Battery for wireless or wired charging. A standard USB-A port connects with any cable (micro-USB, USB-C, Apple Lighting) to push electrons into power-depleted gadgets. Four blue LED dots report on the charger’s current charge. The charger supports wired and wireless charging simultaneously.

Clean connector housings and the solid button demonstrate good build quality. From the design point-of-view, the extra features don’t distract from the charger’s future-forward intent.

And did I say the logo lights up?

What could be improved

There isn’t much. I would like to see the next version move to USB-C for wired input and output. That might also make for a slightly thinner device.

The Starfleet Command version of the FAMETEK Qi Charger

It would be fun to see FAMETEK license additional images and make the logo interchangeable. They could sell supplemental disk kits, perhaps even start a new Etsy craze.

Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger: The Bottom Line

FAMETEK makes the ultimate in tech-powered fan gear. The Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger brings a new level of detail to their power line, giving fans a device that might just have come from the 23rd century.

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FAMETEK provided the device for review purposes.

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