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Ten Covid-19 Remote Work Questions: Take the Lead by Getting Answers to These Questions

Ten Covid-19 Remote Work Questions to make sure you and your employer are on the same virtual page Ten Covid-19 Remote Work Questions: As more people work remotely, they will quickly realize that their organization may not be as prepared as they think to have everyone working from home. Every person working from home should take.

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Rasmus quoted at TechTarget on Coronavirus and Collaboration

Rasmus quoted at TechTarget: 5 tips for HR: Employee communications during coronavirus outbreak “HR needs to own the practice of remote work,” said Daniel W. Rasmus, founder and principal analyst at Serious Insights, an industry analyst firm. “They need to facilitate the discussion about how people work, how measurements change, and lead collaboratively with IT.

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COVID-19 and Collaboration: A Quick Start Guide to Remote Work

COVID-19 and Collaboration The COVID-19 outbreak is disrupting global supply chains, film openings, along with tradeshows and conferences. And it will continue to disrupt many aspects of life and work as longs as the uncertainty about its spread and severity continues. The outbreak has driven companies to cancel travel, and to individuals deciding to work.

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