Ten Covid-19 Remote Work Questions: Take the Lead by Getting Answers to These Questions

Ten Covid-19 Remote Work Questions: Take the Lead by Getting Answers to These Questions

Ten Covid-19 Remote Work Questions to make sure you and your employer are on the same virtual page

Ten Covid-19 Remote Work Questions: As more people work remotely, they will quickly realize that their organization may not be as prepared as they think to have everyone working from home. Every person working from home should take the lead in getting answers to key questions about how they work, how they protect their personal information, how they protect intellectual property and how they protect customer information.

Ten Covid-19 Remote Work Questions You Need To Get Answered If You Work From Home

  1. Which tools should I be using for which process? How will I know what people are working on? How will they know what I’m working on?
  2. How will our team be prioritizing our work?
  3. Where do you expect to find digital files related to my work/projects?
  4. How can I best communicate with my team? My peers?
  5. How do I get help if I am unfamiliar with any of the technology?
  6. Are there updated use policies or other guidelines I need to be aware of?
  7. If I have an issue with someone in a collaboration space, how do I report/reconcile the issue?
  8. Is there a support community online for people working from home (if not, do we plan one and where do I sign up?)
  9. How do you plan to measure my performance while I’m working from home? (For starters, are we talking about being available at certain times, or getting work done to a schedule?)
  10. Will the company reimburse me for office furniture? For better Internet access? For extra hardware, like a better video conferencing camera or a headset? How do I expense these items?

For those using their own personal computer

10 Covid-19 Remote Work Questions

If you are looking to use a personal computer for work, you should include these questions as well:

  • What anti-virus/anti-malware software should I be running? Is the free stuff from Microsoft or my Internet supplier sufficient?
  • Can I download and run work software for my personal computer?
  • Should I be using two-factor authentication?
  • Do we have a VPN and should I be using it?
  • What can’t I do with my personal computer? (For instance, can I store files locally?)
  • What do I do if I can’t authenticate to my work accounts?

Work with managers and HR to get answers to these questions. They will help clarify what is expected in terms of productivity, protection of assets and network security.

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