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Don’t Deploy IoT Without Knowledge Management

Don’t Deploy IoT Without Knowledge Management The Internet of Things (ioT) empowers organizations to apply knowledge management (KM) in the physical world. IoT provides a platform for capturing and managing metadata about physical objects. IoT also requires knowledge management for its success. A good IoT implementation requires descriptions and management of architecture, infrastructure, distribution and.

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Why “Generation Z” should be Called “The Virtuals”

Several years ago when I was presenting at a Helix Commerce future of work conference in Canada, I first heard Cindy Gordon use the term “virtuals” to describe the generation following the Millennials. While Generation Z and several other terms are being bandied about, the term “virtuals” hasn’t stuck. I even visited the venerable reference.

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CES 2015 Counter-Hype: Trends that aren’t Trends

Not everything at CES 2015 will prove to be a profound forecast of future consumer acceptance. Some of the “trends” were not trends at all, but things that want to become trends. There were trends in things being shown, perhaps, like Smart Watches, but Smart Watches are not a trend. Watches are not a trend either. Telling.

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