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JBL Live 300TWS Earbuds Review: Utility True Wireless Earbuds That Aspire to More

The $149.95 JBL Live 300TWS earbuds deliver good sound in a package that is just a bit bigger than the competition. They come loaded with ambient and talk-thru features, along with good battery life that will serve many use cases (except plane or bus travel), but without standing out in any one of them. What.

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Dyplay ANC Shield Pro In-Ear Monitor Review: Nextgen features for under $100

Dyplay is not the first name that comes to mind of when shopping for personal audio products. It may not even be on the list. But it should be. Dyplay has engineered some powerful in-ear monitors (IEMs) with the dyplay ANC Shield Pro. What I like First of all, active noise cancelation (ANC) in an.

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