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‘Virtual Reality Could Change Everything’ now up at Chief Learning Officer

Let’s face it, not much can hold a candle to a dynamic speaker or great workshop facilitator. Organizations have tried CD-ROMs, video, communities of practice, interactive websites, and webinars, but all fall short in both engaging learners and creating meaningful learning experiences. But virtual reality, or VR, is coming, and it not only offers more.

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First Insight: VR and AR at CES 2016

VR and AR at CES 2016 This year CES is a focal point for virtual reality with pre-orders of Facebook’s $599 Oculus Rift being taken online starting at 8:00am January 6. The latest ship dates are not expected until May, and will continue to slip as demand rises. Oculus, isn’t the only virtual reality vendor.

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Special Report on VR and AR Says They are Ready for Business

The future is coming and it is either virtual, augmented or both. In this new special report on VR and AR written by Serious Insights Principal Analyst Daniel W. Rasmus, we explore what virtual reality and augmented reality mean to business, what business needs to do to get ready, what developers must do to deliver value, and how the.

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