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Informal HR finds new Voice in Yammer

On March 28th, 2012 Ultimate Software announced an enterprise social networking deal with Yammer. The idea behind the deal comes from Ultimate’s realization that transaction systems are limited to their data model and to their process model. If you only use a formal system to capture and document people’s performance on a yearly basis, much.

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Lessons from the Field: Answers to Yammer Customers About How to Effectively Use Enterprise Social Media in the Serendipity Economy

Social Media in the Serendipity Economy. The following questions were asked during the Yammer Finding Value in Serendipity Webinar held, February 28, 2012 [No longer available. Yammer is now part of Microsoft.] The Storify tweet trail was mined for this report [Storify has ceased operations]. Yammer posted a blog about the paper and the webinar.

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