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Angry Birds Layoffs: Poor strategic aim causes pigs to proliferate as Rovio’s growth slows

Angry Birds Layoffs Rovio announced layoffs today as reported in Wired Rovio Layoffs Prove Mobile Gaming Is an Industry of One-Hit Wonders (October 2, 2014,) and elsewhere. I don’t believe, however, that Rovio’s issues stem from the inherent nature of mobile gaming. If we look at their iconic games, we find “innovations” that distract from gameplay.

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Collaboration Tip: Delete E-mail During Vacation

Should I Delete E-mail During Vacation? A post on the BBC new magazine asks the question: “Should holiday email be deleted?” First, let me say to American readers that in this case “holiday” means “vacation.” What they mean to ask is: “Should I have incoming E-mail deleted while on vacation?” My answer, yes, but with a caveat. If you.

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Russia and Ukraine Expose Weak Link in NASA Planning

Today the BBC asks, “Could tensions over Ukraine hit space?”  The answer: absolutely, but NASA has not behaved like the master planner it should be with missions stretching far out in time. If NASA had effectively, and I say effectively because I can’t believe somewhere in NASA somebody didn’t run a scenario planning project that pointed.

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The Economist Get’s Airport Check-in Wrong

In the Guliver blog on (Check-in desks Time to check-out?), the writer suggest that airlines do away with airport check-in. We do it all on-line anyway, and who would miss the queues waiting for check-i anyway?. Well, for the most part, self-check-in is common, but not universal (59% of people still check-in at the counter). Airlines.

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Time to Plan at the Speed of Change.

  Some organizations don’t plan at the speed of change: “Dan, our strategic plan is about to expire. Can you come and help use create a new one?” I get than phone call pretty often. My first statement is “sure,” followed by, “I do have to warn you that if you work with me, your.

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Celebrity Insights: Star Trek’s Chase Masterson – Leadership Lessons from a Dabo Girl

What can we learn about leadership from a Dabo girl? Well, a lot as it turns out. I had the pleasure of hanging out with several Star Trek celebrities over the course of a recent Seattle convention weekend. I was particularly struck by Chase Masterson — Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s Leeta, the most featured of.

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Celebrity Insights: Tyler Oakley’s Take on Personal Branding for the Rest Of Us

If you are young and spend your time on YouTube, or if you track the world of pop culture through Twitter, you probably know Tyler Oakley. If your YouTube experience is limited to talking dog videos, expand your horizons, and go find Tyler Oakley. Tyler has something to teach you about personal branding, and more.

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Radio Shack Store Closures: It’s Time For People Make Things Again

  Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH) is closing 1,100 stores, in large part, because it’s business has become a commodity. It is a classic case of a strategic misstep and short-sightedness. In 2000 Radio Shack abandoned its heritage name, Tandy, consolidating around the Radio Shack brand. They did this primarily because they had become a neighborhood.

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5 Reasons to Rediscover Management and Question the Focus on Leadership

Peter Drucker didn’t really believe in leadership as the core skill for business. Looking at his quotes yields an equivalency between efficiency and management, and between effectiveness and leadership. Management does things right, and leaders do the right things. But beyond a few passing quotes, Drucker dedicated himself to helping people do things right.  Drucker.

Read more DelBene Needs to Embrace Transparency, Collaboration and Customers

There are several things former Microsoft Office President Kurt DelBene will need to learn quickly in his new role as Developer-in-Chief of the struggling website in order to be successful. Here are three critical areas he will have to master. Customer-Facing Transaction Systems. DelBene is an application development expert focused on commercial software for.

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