GoDonut Universal Stand QuickTake Review: A Light, Nearly Indestructible Stand with 2 Viewing Angles

GoDonut Universal Stand QuickTake Review: A Light, Nearly Indestructible Stand with 2 Viewing Angles

GoDonut Universal Stand



The GoDonut Universal Stand easily holds most phones and tablets at good angles for viewing content. Fixed angles result in suboptimal viewing for many video conferencing situations. The compact and lightweight stand is available in a variety of colors.


GoDonut Universal Stand Quick Take Review

A solid basic stand for smartphones and some tablets. A variety of colors let it fit into your color scheme. Not stable for larger tablets like iPad Pro 12.9. The solid material feels nearly indestructible, but light. Very portable, and easy to put into a bag or backpack.

Two notches offer straight or angled viewing. The slot will not accommodate thick cases, such as those made by Otterbox. Limited viewing angles make the GoDonut better for content consumption than video conferencing.

GoDonut lifestyle image.

I did not find the more expensive GoDonut Swivel Stand ball-bearing base useful. The spin was glitchy—the base on my review unit hung on the same spot with each rotation. The entire base ended up moving when I tried to spin it, not just the part that was supposed to, which defeats the purpose of a spinning base. The original device can easily be picked up and repositioned, so this add-on isn’t necessary. The swivel base made the stand unstable, especially when supporting tablets.

At about $20 the basic stand compares well with all but the cheapest phone stands. The GoDonut’s ability to support smaller tablets increases its utility. The company needs a rethink on the swivel base, but their original stand concept works well, especially for content consumption.

GoDonut provided the GoDonut Universal Stand for review. Images courtesy of GoDonut.

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