Knowledge Management

Serious Insights Knowledge Management Services

Your organization is nothing without its knowledge. You need knowledge management.

Knowledge resides in the heads of people, codified in processes, captured in documents and represented in systems.

Knowledge is fundamental to your organization’s success, yet many organizations don’t spend the time or money to make their knowledge easily discoverable. They don’t teach people how to collaborate well. They don’t develop learning organizations.

Serious Insights has been on the leading edge of knowledge management since the 1990s. Daniel W. Rasmus analyzed the KM market at Forrester Research and managed KM initiatives at Hughes Aircraft. He served as the CKO of Forrester Research subsidiary The Giga Information Group and led thought leadership marketing for Microsoft’s Office business unit.

Fortune 500 companies lose roughly “$31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge”*

Isn’t it time to put your organization’s knowledge to work through codification and collaboration and start gaining an advantage?

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Serious Insights Knowledge Management Services include:

  • Knowledge assessment
  • Knowledge management coaching and advisory
  • Knowledge management keynotes and presentations (internal)
  • Technology evaluation
  • KM process development
  • Customer knowledge and knowledge-based marketing
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Knowledge-based innovation
  • Strategy and scenario planning

Read about KM from Serious Insights:

*Babcock, 2004, p. 46