Planet Buddies Kids Headphones Review: Fun and Functional Headphones for Tykes

Planet Buddies Kids Headphones Review: Fun and Functional Headphones for Tykes

Planet Buddies Kids Headphones



Planet Buddies Kids Headphones, as their title suggest, are good headphones for kids. They are ideally suited for travel or attending a remote class. Designed for bigger toddlers and above in bright colors and decorated with likable characters. The integrated cable may shorten life if it snags on something. If that is a worry, consider the company’s Bluetooth headphones. Ecologically friendly at every turn: recyclable paper-based packaging, cloth travel pouch, and donations make on every purchase.


Planet Buddies Kids Headphones Review

We don’t often review children’s items, but when we do we have a good reason.  These Planet Buddies headphones reflect the kind of design ethic we appreciate. Perfect market fit and environmental awareness. As my colleagues in England would say, “well done you!”

Planet Buddies Kids Headphones with Milo the Turtle

What we like

First of all, the Planet Buddies Kids Headphones are cute. That’s a must. My bright green and tealish review pair arrived emblazoned with Milo the Turtle on the earcups. Cute.

The headphones also know that kids don’t always pay attention to safety instructions, so they limit the audio output from the 40mm drivers to 85 decibels, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

They sound pretty good, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t the headphones for a budding audiophile savant who wants to critique the nuances of an Elmo tune performed by the Boston Pops. These are kids’ headphones for doing kid things, like listening to Pink Fong’s Baby Shark over and over. If you don’t know Baby Shark, please understand the real risk of catching an earworm before doing so).

The Planet Buddies Kids Headphones are well made for their $22.99 list price but don’t expect too much from them in terms of rough play. These headphones are made for listening and talking, not tossing around.

And yes, talking. They have a built-in microphone to accommodate distance learning and video chats with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings away at college. (And for some 

Planet Buddies also thought about travel, making the headphone foldable, and including an environmentally friendly cloth sack, not pleather bag, actual cloth!

The Planet Buddies Kids Headphones come with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return window when purchased directly from Planet Buddies. A portion of all sales goes to a charity related to the animal on the product. Milo gear appears to go to the Marine Conservation Society.

My granddaughter Shana enjoying her Milo the Turtle headphones.

What could be improved

Planet Buddies should consider a replaceable cord on the corded version as my experience with children and headphones is the cable being shredded in a car door, around a booster seat, or just the edge of a chair proves to be the major failure point. If the cord could be replaced, it would make for longer service life.

They could also offer a Bluetooth option across the line. Going wireless will, well, take the wire out of the equation altogether. They offer a view Bluetooth headsets at $44.99, but not one with Milo the Turtle.

Planet Buddies Kids Headphones: The Bottom Line

Cute, functional, and fun. What more do you want in a sub-$25 headphone for kids?

The company also offers headphones that allow children to color their own characters to insert onto the ear cups, and a couple with furry ears to accompany tiger and panda themes.

Planet Buddies provided the Planet Buddies Kids Headphones for review. Images courtesy of Planet Buddies.

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